Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn Fizz's favorite team!

The Nets are an NBA basketball team residing in Brooklyn, New York, in the Barclays Center.
Created in 1967 and formerly in New Jersey, it moved in 2012 under the impetus of then-owners Mikhail Prokhorov and Jay-Z.
After years of drought, this move has breathed a wind of renewal on the franchise that now wants to find the highest level. And for this it did not hesitate to call on Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.
These two players are following in the footsteps of other great players who have worn the jersey of the Nets like Vince Carter, Brook Lopez or Jason Kidd.

You can imagine that by calling their company Brooklyn Fizz, the grocers have an immeasurable cult for the famous borough of New York!
And the same goes for the basketball team, which they support at all costs. This year they made (again) a trip to New York, with the objective to support the Durantula team !
And they make it a point to never be out of stock of caps Brooklyn Nets. It's important to support the local team, even if it's more than 5000 kilometers away from their place.

A little anecdote: in the job interviews that the grocers do, there is always a question about the Nets.

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