American Needle

American Needle is a Chicago-based company founded in 1918 that has established itself in the cap and hat business.
With its vintage logos and various licenses, American Needle is a welcome addition to Brooklyn Fizz, especially when it comes to all things MiLB and NHL.

Founded in 1918 as an importer of sewing needles, American Needle has evolved over four generations to become a global leader in headwear.
From its inception as a family business, the company quickly evolved into the manufacture of hats and caps of all types. The factory, located on Chicago's North Side, employed skilled tailors, pattern makers, sewing machine operators and seamstresses. Their common goal: the creation of new hat styles for new markets.
In 1946, American Needle approached Chicago Cubs with the idea of selling baseball caps to fans like the ones the players wear on the field. The Cubs accepted the proposal, but wondered who would be interested in buying hats similar to the ones worn by the players.
The first set of Cubs hats sold out in one day. The second set sold just as fast.
Based on this success, American Needle began supplying hats to all the major sports teams in the country.
Today, the fourth generation of owners continues the family business and the development of this small business in the headwear industry. The "Family Owned business" has never been so well named in the case ofAmerican Needle.
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