Charlotte Hornets

The franchise with the mythical logo

Everyone knows the Hornets logo, the Hornet logo that plays basketball!
As far back as he can remember, this is the first franchise that interested the grocer Jean-Charles, who at the time was more interested in the colors on the jerseys than the results!
Result, back in the mid-90's, he begged his parents until they bought him a cap Charlotte Hornets!
It was only later that he understood why he saw this team everywhere: incredible players were wearing this jersey!
Alonzo Mourning, Mugsy Bogues, Glen Rice, Vlad Divac and Dell Curry (STeph's and Seth's daddy, yes yes), you name it...
Unfortunately the franchise never managed to win an NBA title.

Today the owner is a certain Michael Jordan, who studied in North Carolina, and who enjoys a small reputation in the world of the orange ball.
Knowing the character of the man, there is no doubt that he does everything in his power to take his team as far as possible!

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