Phoenix Suns

The franchise made in Arizona!

If for the grocer Jean-Charles Phoenix Suns rhymes first of all with Steve Nash (he is probably not the only one to think of this great point guard), the Suns team is of course not limited to him, although he religiously keeps one of his Jerseys in stock !
The incredible Charles Barkley was the franchise player of the team for 4 great years, and will take them to the NBA finals in 1993.
We can mention (among others): Amare Stoudemire, Jason Kidd, and the Shaq who have worn the colors of the Suns loud and clear.
If since the good old days of the 90's the basketball team remains average, it has unfortunately not reached the top anymore.
However, the logo remains timeless for NBA fans, and the Phoenix Suns cap is proudly displayed on the shelves of Brooklyn Fizz!

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