New Orleans Pelicans

The NOLA franchise

The New Orleans Pelicans (since 2013), in Louisiana (formerly the Charlottes Hornets), are today a franchise that the grocer Jean-Charles would call an Outsider. With mixed beginnings, they are in the midst of building. It is helped in this by its know-how when it comes to choosing players during the Drafts: Chris Paul is them, Anthony Davis is them, that's to say if they have a fine nose on the side of New England.
And the latest move is the choice of Zion Williamson, who is predicted to have a bright future, all in power.
He is helped for his first season (2019/2020) by a part of the Lakers' 2018 squad, with among others Brandon Ingram, one of the favorite players of the grocer Jean-Charles, who regularly wears a Pelicans cap!

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