Atlanta Braves

All Braves hats are at Brooklyn Fizz.

Of the many reasons you might want to wear a Braves cap, the grocers have two that stand out:

  1. You're a fan of the baseball franchise, one of the oldest in the league, but also one of the most successful (with over 10,000 wins on the books)
  2. You like American rap music, so you closely follow the "Trap" scene in Atlanta. And the many players in this scene never miss an opportunity to wear a Braves cap on their head.

The grocers are more in the 2nd category. They listen to a lot of bands coming from Georgia, and this since Scarface and Ludacris.
Anyway, for whatever reason, they are very happy to be able to offer you the widest choice of caps, whether it be New Era or the '47, in the colors of this team, with this recognizable "A" between all.

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