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Baseball / MLB Trading Cards

As for many innovations / novelties in terms of merchandising in U.S. sports, baseball and its league, the MLB, have been precursors. We can think of the cap, a headgear that became a fashion accessory, which was originally invented to protect baseball players from the sun, we can talk about the Mitchell & Ness brand, which was originally a company specializing in baseball jerseys... The same is true for Trading Cards. It all started with baseball and its fans. At first these trading cards were marketing arguments to sell Bubble Gums, some chewing gum manufacturers added cards of baseball players to their packs. The collection of cards became so large that the manufacturers started to sell them directly, without the gum.
All this history brings us to today, the very moment you are reading this, and you are about to see the baseball player trading cards we offer.
Bear with us, we're just getting started, and this category is going to grow quickly!

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